All our spells are cast with good intent and infused in to candles to allow you to easily release the power of the spell. You will be given instructions as to when best to light the candle for the best results.

Here you will find some of our off the shelf spells, but if you are looking for something more individual send us the details of what you are looking for with your name and DOB.

Prices for individual spells may vary.

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[wp_cart:LOVE SPELL:price:20.00:end]



Bring love into your life. Seek a loved one who is no longer part of your life and bring them back to you.

Strengthen the bond you have with your beloved. Encourage and secure a commitment with your beloved.


You cannot force someone to love you, this spell will only bring out what is already there.


 [wp_cart:ABUNDANCE/PROSPERITY SPELL:price:15.00:end]



To help you overcome financial difficulties and attract money successfully into your life.


 [wp_cart:SELF-CONFIDENCE SPELL:price:15.00:end]



Allow the spell to increase your self esteem, and self loving.


 [wp_cart:PROTECTION/PURIFICATION SPELL:price:15.00:end]


This spell will help protect against physic vampires, harmful spirits and curses. It will also purify the area and anyone within the  area of the candle burning.


Help protect your car by keeping the spell inside to ward off evil doers, bad drivers, thief’s and vandals.


If you feel you need a more specific protection spell please contact us. More information will be required to cast for your