A hundred years ago herbs were not only used in cooking, but were the basic ingredient in most health remedies; every day cleaning products and beauty products.

The herbs were planted in the spring and dried in the fall and were stored for use during the upcoming year. Healers used home remedies to treat all kind of ailments, using just what was available growing in the wild. This knowledge would have been passed down from generation to generation.  Along with the healing they also used herb mixtures, tintures and balms for both cleaning and beauty products.

Grannies remedies were used to treat illnesses such as aches and pains, colds, flu, arthritis, migraines, stomach issues, muscle aches, menopausal issues, and many more.

Let us take you back in time..

You will be taken on a nature walk where you will forage for plants/herbs. You will then mix/boil and toil to make various

remedies. What you make depends on the time of year and the plants available.

 Just like Grannie…


Nettle Hair Rinse:

half jar nettles (please use gloves) fill with luke warm water, steep for 2 hours,

strain and use as final rinse for your hair.

DATES: Sat 8th March 2014

10am – 4pm       Lunch Included         €70