At the second stage of the training, the energy attunement is greatly amplified with the use of symbols  and its focus on the etheric body rather than the physical.  As a result of these attunements, you will become a channel for a far greater amount of life force. You may also develop  a greater sensitivity to energy and a psychic awareness.

Reiki II Course

You will receive Reiki healing energy exercises and various meditations to anchor in the higher healing energies, including the following:.

  • There will be practical demonstrations on absent healing techniques.
  • You will learn how to perform a Spiritual Clearance.
  • You will also learn about Spiritual and Psychic Protection.
  • Learn about Past Lives and how they effect healing.
  • You will have the opportunity to revisit Reiki one techniques.
  • You will be given amble opportunity to practice Reiki Healing using the symbols. 
  • You will receive a Tera- Mai Reiki Two manual and a reiki two certificate, which entitles you to practise professionally as a reiki level two healer.

Benefits of Reiki II 

  • Reiki 2  gives a higher  level of energy vibrations to the student. 
  • Increases your energy levels.
  • Helps with relaxations, releases stress and tension.
  • Clears the mind and improves focus.
  • Can help to accelerates the body’s self-healing ability.
  • Can help you  sleep better.
  • Can reduces blood pressure.
  • Helps relieve pain.
  • Helps with spiritual growth.
  • Compliments medical treatment (does not replace).
  • Can help the body in cleansing itself.

Reiki II Dates:

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