Reiki is a three part life changing course that will afford you the skills of healing. This ancient Japanese technique has been used around the world to help those who suffer from emotional, mental and physical pain/trauma.

First in a three-part course, learn techniques in healing the self and becoming more aware of the energies around you.

Reiki I Course

You will be given an attunement that will open up the energy centers in and around you.

During your two days training you will learn:

On the second day you will be able to practice Reiki healing on each other.

Benefits of Reiki I

Reiki Level 1 is all about self-healing, it’s a way for you to attune to the bodies needs and to practice on oneself.

It helps to creates balance between your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies and heals energy blocks. It promotes a positive attitude so that you can experience joy and focus on what matters

Reiki I Dates:

Overnight accommodation and all meals included…

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