Our world is comprised of energy. The physical body, our thoughts, words, food, plants, water; everything in and around us is in a constant state of vibration. This too is the same for animals, when the energetic vibration within the body becomes weak or disrupted, quality of life is impaired.

Animals benefit from healing, it offers a sense of peace and improved well-being. Healing can help with pain relief, speed the repair of wounds, and boost the immune system. Animals suffer not only from physical imbalances – they have an emotional and mental state too. We can communicate with your animal and understand its needs.

          Combining holistic therapies with traditional veterinary care helps animals in the most effective method of healing. To accomplish what is in the highest good for our animal friends we need to work in harmony. Working as a team creates a powerful circle of healing.   Wexford Area €30. All other areas covered €30+ travel cost.